ISO 50001 : 2018 Certification Energy Management System


ISO 50001 : 2018 Certification

Deslyon assists businesses in achieving ISO 50001 certification by providing expert guidance and support. Our team of experienced professionals helps organisations develop, implement, and maintain an effective energy management system in line with ISO 50001 requirements. We offer customised solutions, including gap analysis, system documentation, employee training, and ongoing support to ensure continuous improvement in energy performance and a successful path to certification.

What is
ISO 50001 Certification?

ISO 50001 is an international standard that provides organisations with a framework for implementing and maintaining an effective energy management system (EnMS). This standard aims to help organisations of all sizes and sectors improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve cost savings.

By following ISO 50001 guidelines, organisations can systematically assess and optimise their energy usage, set performance targets, and implement energy-saving measures across their operations.

Who Should
ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 certification is suitable for organisations of all sizes and sectors interested in improving their energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. The standard provides a framework for managing energy performance and can be applied to any organisation, regardless of its energy consumption or the complexity of its operations. Some examples of organisations that may benefit from implementing ISO 50001 include:

  • Manufacturing facilities often have significant energy consumption due to heavy machinery and equipment use.
  • Commercial buildings, such as offices, hotels, and retail spaces, where efficient energy management can lead to substantial cost savings.
  • Educational institutions can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and responsible energy use to students and the wider community.
  • Public sector organisations can contribute to national energy efficiency goals and comply with energy-related regulations.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the cost savings and competitive advantages of improved energy performance.
What are the
Benefits of Implementing
ISO 50001?

Achieving ISO 50001 certification offers numerous benefits to organisations seeking to improve their energy performance and demonstrate their commitment to responsible energy management. Some key advantages include the following:

Key benefits of ISO 50001 Certification:

What Are The Common Misconceptions About ISO 50001 Certification?

There are several common misconceptions about ISO 50001 certification that can lead to misunderstandings or incorrect assumptions about the standard and its benefits. Clarifying these misconceptions can help organizations make informed decisions about implementing ISO 50001 and maximizing its potential advantages for their energy management efforts. Some key misconceptions include:

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