ISO 20000 : 2018 Certification IT Service Management


ISO 20000 : 2018 Certification

At Deslyon, we collaborate closely with our clients to streamline their journey towards ISO 20000 certification. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to understanding each organisation's unique needs and tailoring our approach to ensure a smooth and efficient certification process.

What is
ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 certification is an international IT Service Management (ITSM) standard that demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to delivering high-quality IT services. The standard provides a framework for implementing best practices in service management processes, ensuring the efficient and consistent delivery of IT services to customers and stakeholders.

By achieving ISO 20000 certification, organisations can improve their IT service quality, streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. The standard applies to any organisation that relies on IT services to support its business operations regardless of size or industry.

Who Should
ISO 20000?

Organisations that should implement ISO 20000 rely on IT services to support their business operations and want to ensure these services’ consistent and efficient delivery. This includes:

  • IT service providers, both internal and external, that want to demonstrate their commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Companies seeking to improve their IT service management processes, reduce costs, and enhance the reliability of their IT services.
  • Organizations looking to meet regulatory and contractual requirements or gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Businesses of all sizes and industries want to establish a robust IT service management system, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and align their IT services with the organisation’s overall business objectives.
What are the
Benefits of Implementing
ISO 20000?

By implementing ISO 20000, organisations can enhance their IT service management capabilities, improve service quality, and gain a competitive edge in the market. The benefits of implementing ISO 20000 include the following:

Key benefits of ISO 20000 Certification:

What Are The Common Misconceptions About ISO 20000 Certification?

By understanding and addressing the common misconceptions, organisations can better appreciate the value and benefits of ISO 20000 certification and make informed decisions about its implementation. There are several common misconceptions about ISO 20000 certification:

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