ISO 22000 : 2018 Certification Food safety Management


ISO 22000 : 2018 Certification

At Deslyon, we provide comprehensive support to help clients achieve ISO 22000 certification. Our expert consultants collaborate closely with organisations to understand their unique food safety requirements and develop tailored strategies to meet the ISO 22000 standard. We guide clients through every stage of the process, including gap analysis, documentation, staff training, and internal audit preparation.

What is
ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 certification is a globally recognised standard for food safety management systems (FSMS). It establishes the requirements and guidelines for organisations involved in the food supply chain to produce and provide safe, high-quality food products consistently.

The standard covers all aspects of food safety, including hazard identification, risk assessment, and implementation of appropriate control measures. By achieving ISO 22000 certification, organisations demonstrate their commitment to food safety, compliance with regulatory requirements, and continuous improvement of their FSMS, ultimately enhancing consumer confidence in their products.

Who Should
ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 certification is intended for any organisation involved in the food chain, from farm to table. This includes farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and food service providers. The standard is also relevant for organisations providing services related to the food industry, such as cleaning and pest control services, transport and storage providers, and food packaging manufacturers.

What are the
Benefits of Imlementing
ISO 22000?

Achieving ISO 22000 certification can bring many benefits to organisations, including improving food safety practices, increasing customer confidence, enhancing reputation, and increasing market access.

Key benefits of ISO 22000 Certification:

What Are The Common Misconceptions About ISO 22000 Certification?

Several common misconceptions about the ISO22000 standard can prevent businesses from fully utilising its benefits.

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